"If it creep, crawls, scurries, or scatters it's done for!"


Medford, OR


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We employ measures that target weeds at the source, stopping future growth for an extended time. Our formula is tested and proven to be deadly for weeds but non-toxic and safe for humans and pets.


Weed out, beautiful lawn in.

Spraymasters Pest Control Inc. promises a stunning lawn with our special formula that targets pesky weeds and unwanted plants that takes away from its beauty. Maintain the lush and verdant beauty of your lawn with our safe and effective methods. Our crew will meticulously employ ways to take and keep the weed out so you're only left with a stand-out lawn. We also spray weeds in pastures, gravel areas, roadways, etc.

Going beyond weed removal:

  • Poison oak

  • Clovers

  • Black berries

  • Star Thistles

You can trust all of our technicians with your property since they go through annual certifications and product education. When you are looking for help with your weed issues, we are here to assist you.


Keep your lawn lush and weed-free!